About GNC

The Gurkha РNepalese Community started with humble beginnings in 1995, with a small number of ex-patriot Nepalese students, academics and men of military background. It was incorporated with the New South Wales Department of Consumer Affairs in 1996. Well-known in the Australian Nepalese community as GNC, the organisation has a proud history of initiating, maintaining and uplifting matters of importance to the Nepalese community in Australia and around the world. It is entirely run by dedicated non-paid volunteers that come from different walks of life. GNC has focused its efforts on maintaining Nepali art, history and cultural heritage, providing Nepali education to children of Nepalese origin, providing sporting activities to engage youth and providing social interactions in an apolitical setting. It is actively working to establish the ex-patriot Nepalese population in a mainstream Australian context, backed by a firm sense of self-identity.